*Why Use ECS Services*



- We are highly experienced in assessing an organization’s current cultural paradigm to evaluate needs to restructure or redesign operations to achieve goals.

- We offer customized strategies to successfully achieve human capital goals and objectives based on an organization’s unique situation.

- We partner with leadership teams to help accomplish desired objectives faster and with maximum efficiency.

- Whether the need is ongoing HR support, assistance with a specific project, or strategic insight on how to make the most of your human capital investments, we provide you what’s needed.

- We equip leaders with the tool, training, and resources needed to lead in excellence and ensure organizations can compete in the global workforce.

- With the ever-changing landscape of federal laws related to employment, our assessment strategies keep leader’s legally compliant and ensure actions are legally defensible.

- Our training services employ the most effective learning strategies to engage all type communicators to maximize acclimation of learned actions in workday protocol.

- We provide easy-to-understand tactical solutions to the most cumbersome issues.













                     Challenges We Solve

Employee Retention and Morale
New Leaders or Supervisory Development
Disengaged, Demotivated Staff
Non-Collaborative Team Interactions
Complacent or Negative Cultural Paradigms
Mid and Senior Leadership Lack of Leadership Capacity
Strained Staff Relationships That Undermine Productivity
Not Meeting Production/Performance Goals
Lack of Quality Work from Staff
Disjointed Organizational Program Operations
Overwhelmed HR or Lack of HR Department
Poor Training and Development


                             NAICS We Service

541612—Human Resources and Executive Search Consulting Services
923130—Administration of Human Resources Programs
611430—Professional and Management Development Services
541611—Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
541618—Other Management Consulting Services
561410—Document Preparation Services