*Coaching with Dr. Bre*



Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson can provide the help, guidance, support and motivation you need
to take your next step. The ECS Life Coaching program offers coaching services to help you
reach your goals through personal one-on-one sessions, intrinsic self-evaluation strategies,
emotional healing solutions, stress and time management strategies, professional development
consultation, and goal achievement monitoring.

The ECS Life Coaching Program encourages you to take that first bold step toward being all that
you were destined to be with a focus on healing, wholeness and positioning with bold authority
to be victorious in walking in your purpose.

Whether you need assistance with focus and direction, emotional healing, career path
development, business development, or leadership growth, we are here to help! We provide easy-
to-understand tactical solutions to the most cumbersome issues.

The ECS approach to coaching excellence provides the following in positioning you for your
next level:

 Empowers you to believe in your own intrinsic power for greatness and success.

 Supports you to dream and move from mediocrity to make dreams reality.

 Challenges you to get past complacency and procrastination to accomplish goals.

 Promotes you to release emotional and spiritual strongholds to walk in wholeness.

 Persuades you to take a step every day to make purpose and destiny happen.





  Challenges We Solve


  •  Personal Growth / Development 

  •  Fear of Pursuing Desired Dreams 

  • Self-Defeating Behaviors / Self-Limiting Beliefs 

  • Self-Doubt / Lack of Confidence 

  • Negative Subconscious Drivers / Stinking Thinking 

  • People Pleasing / Superwoman Syndrome 

  •  Low Emotional Intelligence 

  • Arrogance / Egotism / Self-Centeredness 

  • Professional / Business Development  

  • Crippling Imposter Syndrome (as Professionals)

  • Lack of Focus in Goal Achievement 

  • Inability to Strategize Next Steps 

  • Intimidated New or Inexperienced Leaders 

  • Inept or Ineffective Leadership Acume 

  • Complacent or Negative Team Cognition 

  • Weak Business Infrastructure / Model