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Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson


Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson (Dr. Bre) guides clients through a journey to overall success, personally and professionally.  With extensive HR expertise, advanced leadership education and training, organizational development proficiency, and advanced life coaching experience, the ECS transformative services with Dr. Bre and her team aids in helping her clients get from where they are to where they ultimately desire to be.

ECS Core Values

Empowered Purpose:
We are committed to helping each individual release past issues to bring their best to all they do, personally and professionally. 

We commit to understanding our client's perspectives, values, and needs, without judgement to strategize next steps for success.

We dedicate all our efforts to help our clients realize their value and uniqueness to live authentic lives, and not emulate others as second-rate copies.

We push our clients out of their comfort zones and challenge them to think outside their box of limitation to face the difficulties of change with courage.  

Audience and Lecturer

Our Vision

ECS helps clients identify subconscious drivers and address mental models to position to achieve personal goals and professional success. 


We position individuals to release self-imposed limitations to embrace authenticity and self-value.  We help leaders understand how unhealed emotional wounds undermine capacity to lead with empowered authority. 


We offer special leadership programs for women in leadership to enhance leadership effectiveness, team cohesion, and employee engagement. 

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