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Business Meeting

Transformative Coaching

Real Solutions to Help Individuals and Leaders

Embrace Authenticity and Proficiency

Leadership / Executive Coaching

Transformative Personal Development

Subconscious Mind Reprogramming

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Goal Achievement / SMART Goal Setting

Self-Assessments / SWOT Analysis

Coaching is the act of empowerment - expanding an individual’s awareness through powerful and thought-provoking assessments and leveraging transformative action for long term change. ECS transformative coaching enhances client’s capacity to identify self-limiting beliefs that undermine potential, personally and professionally.

Transformative Coaching Approach:

  • Help key decision makers identify competency deficits of leaders and line staff to help transform inefficiencies to empowerment by assessing strengths and weaknesses through intrinsic assessment tools. 

  • Provide guidance to leaders in maximizing emotional intelligence, relationship management, and mental modeling to assure a strong leadership foundation dedicated to achieving strategic objectives.

  • Help individuals process through past life traumas to release negative mindset and mental models to reprogram subconscious mind to embrace authenticity and empowerment.

  • Conducts 1x1, group, or team coaching sessions to develop empowered staff, transformative leaders, and high performing teams.  

In a Meeting

Challenges We Solve

Personal Growth / Development

  • Self-Defeating Behaviors 

  • Self-Limiting Beliefs

  • Self-Doubt / Lack of Confidence 

  • Intrinsic Fears and Constraints

  • Negative Subconscious Drivers 

  • Low Emotional Intelligence

  • Egotism / Self-Centeredness

Professional / Business Development

  • Imposter Syndrome (as Professionals)

  • Lack of Goal Achievement Focus 

  • Inability to Strategize 

  • Intimidation in New Leaders

  • Inexperienced Leaders/Supervisors

  • Inept or Ineffective Leadership Acumen

  • Complacent or Negative Team Cognition

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