The Founder

Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson

Chief Executive Officer / Founder


Dr. Bre serves as a transformational empowerment coach, specializing in identifying
subconscious mind drivers and triggers that undermine potential; helping individuals address
emotional wounds that drive detrimental behaviors; and release negativity that undermine peace
and prosperity through faith and forgiveness. Through her coaching and training practice, she
works primarily with professional women, entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders.

 Through her innovative empowerment and emotional wellness strategies, techniques, and
processes, she helps individuals identify and eliminate self-defeating actions, self-limiting
beliefs, and counter-productive behaviors that manifest as a result of trauma and difficult past
experiences and undermine the vast potential for pursuing dreams and achieving set goals.

 She helps individuals in leadership positions identify unhealed emotional wounds that
undermine their capacity to lead from a posture of empowered authority with empathy, and
help them understand how negative emotional drivers hinder team collaboration, team
effectiveness and employee engagement.

 For entrepreneurs and business owners, she assists them clarifying ‘fuzzy’ goals and
eliminating limited belief systems that undermine their capacity to build a strong foundation
for long term business success.

 Once she helps clients release emotional strongholds and limited beliefs, she uses her
managerial / HR expertise, leadership education, and business acumen to help devise strong
organizational and business development strategies for next steps to soar in business,
leadership, and personal goal achievement.

Dr. Bre is able to meet her clients where they are to help them achieve desired goals. She is
known for her ability to build trust and credibility with clients, and help individuals understand
the critical importance of bringing the best of themselves to every situation to live empowered,
successful lives. She has worked with individuals from all walks of life nationally and
internationally. To contact Dr. Bre, call 678-601-6066 or email info@epitomexcel.com.


**If you are ready to move your dreams into high gear and take your vision to the next level, let Dr. Robinson and her team help make it happen.