“The Authentic You Unleashed” MasterMind, a 12-month intensive, brings like-minded people together to position to soar into purpose! It is reserved for only those who are ready to do what they were born to do and willing to shake fear, face mental foes, and step with bold authority into their purpose and destiny!

In this MasterMind, Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson (Dr. Bre) will help make that happen!

❖ Kick-Off February 2022, the MasterMind will position you to begin the journey to victory!

If you are not truly ready to do the work...do not apply!

1. Complete MasterMind Application.
2. Commit to the monthly group coaching for the year.
3. Complete assignments; post to the private FB group.
4. Prepare a detailed Plan of Action (POA) for goal
implementation, i.e., business plan, marketing plan, etc.

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Join over a million happy users!

Simple Plans

** Cost: $297 / Month **
$2795 (if paid in full / 20% discount)

To submit your application, fill out the questionnaire to the left of the page.

Personalized Content

The MasterMind is completely virtual.
▪ Participants may join from anywhere in the world.
▪ Monthly sessions focus on goal achievement topics.
▪ An accountability buddy will be partnered.

Community Support

*Complete assignments;

post to the private FB group.

*Have the support of an experienced empowerment coach to hold your feet to the fire.

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❖ Gain clarity of desired vision and intrinsic desires.
❖ Achieve self-awareness to enhance ability to take bold action without limitations.
❖ Successful follow-through in pursuit of growth and dream achievement.
❖ Interact with like-minded cohorts to inspire and motivate each other.
❖ Master new skills and upgrade existing skills to achieve intrinsic desired goals.
❖ Have the support of an experienced empowerment coach to hold your feet to the fire.

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