Transformational Empowerment Coaching                                Business Development                                 Training and Development

Real solutions for real change !                                                    Solutions to Business Success!                         Solutions for Staff Engagement!

. Current verses Desired State Analysis                                  . Business Niche Evaluation                          . Curriculum Design (ADDIE)                          
. Emotional Healing / Wellness                                               . Business Model Design                                . Customer Service Training
. Goal setting / Decision-Making                                            . Business Plan Development / Analysis        . Entrepreneurship Training
. Inner Child Assessment                                                         . Entrepreneurial Mindset Assessment          . Interpersonal Skills Training                           
. Life Coaching Strategies                                                       . Human Resource Planning                          . Leadership Education
. Life Management Planning                                                   . Leadership Assessments                              . New Supervisor Training
. Mindset Shift Assessment                                                      . Non-Profit Design / 501c3 Application       . Training Needs Analysis
. Personal Development / Empowerment                                . Non-Profit Board Development                   . Workplace Diversity Training                         
. Subconscious Mind Drivers / Reprogramming                     . Succession / Workforce Planning
. Virtual Coaching Regimen                                                    . SWOT Skills Analysis

                                                                                                 . Talent Assessment / Management

How We Help Achieve Results!

 Provide guidance to individuals who are stuck in the pain of past experiences and need
strategies to move into purpose.
 Support and assist individuals process past emotionally crippling wounds that undermine and
hinder the capacity to live productive, successful lives.
 Help individuals seeking to move from confusion to clarity to achieve personal goals.
 Equip and empower professional women to embrace their true authenticity and boldly achieve
set goals.
 Provide guidance and instruction to position professional women to tap into their center of
excellence in all they seek to accomplish.
 Position leaders to lead from a posture of empowered empathy for stronger employee
engagement and enhanced team productivity.
 Equip entrepreneurs to build innovative business models for long term success and assume a
strong competitive positions in the marketplace.
 Help established businesses going through change or transition, and need assistance in building
a strong foundation for long-term success.




Challenges We Solve

Personal Growth / Development

. Fear of Pursuing Desired Dreams
. Self-Defeating Behaviors / Self-Limiting Beliefs
. Self-Doubt / Lack of Confidence
. Fear of Authenticity
. Negative Subconscious Drivers / Stinking Thinking
. People Pleasing / Superwoman Syndrome
. Low Emotional Intelligence
. Arrogance / Egotism / Self-Centeredness

Professional / Business Development

 Crippling Imposter Syndrome (as Professionals)
 Lack of Focus in Goal Achievement
 Inability to Strategize Next Steps
 Intimidated New or Inexperienced Leaders
 Inept or Ineffective Leadership Acumen
 Complacent or Negative Team Cognition
 Weak Business Infrastructure / Model