Are you having trouble deciding what it is you want to do with this one life you have been given?

Are you finding it difficult to identify where to focus your time and talent?

Do you find it hard to motivate yourself

to achieve your goals?

Would you like assistance and direction

with getting it all together and getting

your goal achievement strategy organized?


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Epitome Consulting Services is an innovative empowerment coaching and consulting firm, specializing in helping our clients process past emotionally crippling wounds that undermine and hinder the capacity to live productive, successful lives, personally and professionally. Clients engage to release limited beliefs, self-defeating behaviors, and negative triggers that hinder capacity to achieve personal goals and thrive in workplace  interactions.

Through progressive coaching and development regimens, professional women are equipped and empowered to embrace their true authenticity and boldly achieve set goals. Leaders are
positioned to lead teams from a position of empowered empathy for stronger employee engagement and enhanced team productivity. Entrepreneurs are maximally equipped to build innovative business models for long term success and assume a strong competitive positions in the marketplace.

ECS programs are purposed to hold clients accountable and guide them through a path to success.

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ECS is a full service provider of transformational life coaching services with a unique perspective for personal and professional development.

Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson, aka Dr. Bre, specialize in helping clients identify subconscious mind triggers and drivers, heal from
emotional wounds, and release negative mental models to embrace all they were destined to be.
She works primarily with professional women, organizational leaders and entrepreneurs. Through our services, individuals in leadership positions identify unhealed emotional wounds that undermine their capacity to lead from a posture of empowered authority with empathy, as well as understand how the impact of negative emotional drivers hinder team effectiveness and
employee engagement.


Entrepreneurs and business owners are positioned to understand how ‘fuzzy’, unclear goals and limited belief systems can undermine their capacity to build a strong foundation for business success. Once clients process through the self-awareness strategies using U-Theory processes, their goals for business development and professional growth can be
maximized to devise strategies to soar to their next level personally and professionally.

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    . Business Development / Models

 . Cultural Analysis

 . Emotional Intelligence Assessments

 . Entrepreneurial Coaching Strategies

 . Executive Coaching Strategies

 . Goal Setting / Decision Making

 . Human Resources Consulting

 . Interpersonal Skills Assessments

 . Leadership Assessments

 . Leadership Coaching Strategies

 . Life Coaching Strategies

 . Mental Modelling

 . Non-Profit Development

 . Personality Profiling

 . Team Building / Assimilation

 . Virtual Coaching Regimens

 . Personal Development 

 . Professional Growth Strategies

 . SWOT Analysis